Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Liebster Award! ♥

Hello everyone! A few days ago I discovered that I had been nominated for the 'Liebster Award' - an award for bloggers with under 200 followers, which helps up-and-coming bloggers become a bigger part of a blogging community and hopefully gain more of an audience. I was nominated by Jessica at Styles of Summers. Thanks Jessica! 

This is what I have to do:
Come up with ten facts about myself
Answer the ten questions given by Jessica 
Nominate some other bloggers with under 200 followers 
♥ Come up with ten new questions for the nominees
♥ Let the nominees know that they have been nominated so that they can get involved

Ten Facts about Me! 
♥ I adore anything Disney
♥ I have a sweet tooth
♥ I love to watch cartoons
♥ I spend most of my time with family
♥ I like wearing cute socks
♥ I enjoy baking, especially cupcakes
♥ I love pastel colours
♥ I like most animals
♥ I want a little tortoise one day
♥ I love going out on little adventures 

Ten Questions (given by Jessica) 
♥ If you could have dinner with any celebrity/designer, past or present, who would it be and why?
Definitely Cara Delevingne - I know it's the typical answer for a girl of my age, but she just seems so cute and bubbly - it would be amazing to get to know her and get to know all about her life and career
♥ Lip gloss or lipstick?
I would have to say lip gloss, as I own more lip glosses than lipsticks and wear lip gloss more often
♥ Favourite holiday you've been on?
Probably my most recent holiday in Spain with my family. We stayed in a small town which was surrounded by breathtaking views of the mountains. There were so many great things about this holiday, like the pool, the beaches, the shops, the food, and just having fun and being around my favourite people
♥ Bright or nude nail varnishes?
100% bright nail varnishes - they are fun, colourful and really stand out
♥ Book or Kindle?
I would have to say book, because it just feels more natural and helps me relax more than staring at a screen I suppose
♥ What's your favourite song?
This is a difficult question - I don't think I have one! I like all different kinds of music and all different songs, and so my favourite song is always changing (sorry for the rubbish answer!)
♥ Satchel or backpack?
Probably satchel, because it is easier to slip on and off and is generally more comfortable for me
♥ If you could have a free subscription to any magazine, what magazine would you choose and why?
Again, another typical answer, but I would choose 'Company' magazine. I discovered it last year whilst I was on holiday and have loved it ever since. I try to pick up a copy whenever I can, because I just love how it's written and the feel of the paper! (weird, I know)
♥ What is your favourite film, and why?
Any disney film - they just remind me of being really little, which I miss sometimes
♥ What is your favourite item you own, and why?
Fashion wise, I would say my white converse are my favourites. They go with everything, and can make any outfit look cute and casual!

People I want to nominate for the 'Liebster Award' 
♥ Lauren Wilkins atC'est la vie
Ciara R atfabulous florals

Ten questions for the nominees 
♥ Role model?
♥ Favourite shop?
♥ Music genre?
♥ Girl crush?
♥ Favourite brand?
♥ Best day out?
♥ Quote to live by?
♥ Your style?
Cute memory?
♥ Favourite season?

Thursday, 15 August 2013

How to achieve cute, effortless 'beachy waves' in 10 minutes or less! ♥

Hello everyone! Today I will show you how to achieve these 'beachy waves' - loose, tousled, natural looking waves that add a bit of personality to your hair, and your look. I have seen so many celebrities sporting this look - and in fact, you don't need a specialist stylist or plenty of money to pull it off. It's cheap, cute, messy and effortless. So, let's get started! 

To achieve this look, you will need:
 A hairbrush (if your hair is thick, and gets knotted easily like mine)
A pair of straighteners 
♥ Hairspray
♥ Two hair ties


Begin by brushing through your hair (if you haven't already). Ensure that there are no knots, as this can make it more difficult to braid your hair afterwards. Once your hair feels soft and tangle-free, you want to separate your hair into two even parts. You are going to simply create two braids - if you are not sure how to braid hair or aren't 100% confident, there are plenty of tutorials and websites out there to help you with this. Use your hair ties to secure both braids.


When you are satisfied that your straighteners are heated enough, use them to press down hard fon each part of the braid for about three seconds, following from top to bottom, on both braids. This is when your spray will really come in handy. Without the spray, the waves would be more likely to drop more quickly (especially with thick hair like mine) - in fact, within minutes. By applying the hairspray before untying the air, you are securing it exactly in it's place, rather than as it drops. It also makes your hair easier to scrunch and play around with after  So, just lightly spritz each braid before untying.


In order to achieve the 'messy' or 'natural' look, just grab your hands and start scrunching and ruffling sections of your hair. The hairspray will not only keep the waves in place but will make it easier for you to 'shape' your hair.

So I guess you are all done!  Let me know what you thought of this 'tutorial' type thing, and maybe I will do more in the future 

Monday, 12 August 2013

Review - MUA Lipstick in Shade 11! ♥

Hello everyone! So recently I went out to do a little bit of shopping and finally decided to buy myself an MUA product - my very first! I was unsure whether to pick up a nail polish or a lipstick, but in the end I went for the wonderful little lipstick. I have been hearing so many good things about MUA products, and since the lipstick was so cheap, I thought 'why not try it out?'

I don't own many lipsticks -  my lips get very dry and similar to my skin, are quite sensitive. I have found that in the past lipsticks tend to try out my lips even more, and so I usually go for a simple lipbalm or even lipgloss instead. However, I found that this lipstick was very moisturising and felt silky and smooth on my lips, even without applying lipbalm first.

Not only does it feel good, but it looks good (which is important of course ). This lipstick is more of a nude colour, similar to my natural lip colour - a pale peachy/pink. It's highly pigmented and leaves a pretty shine on the lips.

I can't believe how cheap this product was, at only £1! There were a selection of other shades and colours such as blood red, hot pink, and others, but I decided to stay safe and stick with one of the paler colours.

Overall I am in love with this lipstick - it stays on well, and although it has a creamy texture, it does dry/set quickly. I would suggest applying a clear lipbalm over the top to seal the lipstick, preventing it from rubbing off easily and to prolong to colour and shine. I highly recommend this product! 


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Introduction! ♥

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog, bloglaytor! Laytor is an anagram of my name, Taylor. I have always enjoyed blogging, even as a little girl and since I have been wondering what to do with my time recently, I thought it would be fun to try this out! This blog is dedicated to fashion, beauty & lifestyle (as seen in the title). Expect to see little hauls, reviews, tips, and things to do with my day to day life. Hope you stick around! ♥